Urban Rap: Meyer talks Navy, Virginia Tech, J.T. Barrett, offensive line & more

It’s Monday, so lets check in on Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer at his weekly press conference at the team meeting room at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center and see what he had to say.


Meyer on last year’s game at California, and last Saturday’s game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore versus Navy:

I’ve known that for a long time way back from 1986, 1987, when I was here before, and all the way to the Pac-12 game against Cal last year where the majority, I don’t know if it was the majority, but there was a bunch of Ohio State people in that stadium and then this one. It was a home game for us. And we appreciate that.”

Meyer on his starting quarterback, redshirt freshman J.T. Barrett:

J.T. did okay. He was 12-of-15. He had a drop, an interception, and a throwaway. Those are three incomplete passes. We shouldn’t drop a ball. Very ill-advised pass on the red zone. And then a throwaway where we got beat quickly up front, got rid of the ball which was a good job.”

Meyer on his offense in the first half against Navy:

Offensively, that was very poor the first half. Very poor. We had a punt, a field goal, a punt, our first three drives. You can’t do that in that game. And I knew that going into the game and that’s why we get pretty uptight because every possession, Navy can score at any time. Plus, sometimes you only get three or four possessions a half.”

…and the second half?

Second half was much better. Had turnover on downs and three-straight touchdowns. Our defense scored for us. They gave us the ball at the minus-43 and the plus-41 twice, obviously. We’re down 14-13 and we went for it on fourth-and two and we came right back and we held them to five yards. That was on a Curtis Grant. That was that series of plays. That was the difference in the game.”

Meyer on his “Champions” for the Navy game:

Champions for the game. Doran Grant and Tyvis Powell. Two first-time starters there with Darron Lee. Tyvis Powell, Doran Grant graded out 100 percent. Didn’t throw the ball but 8-for-8 making plays. On offense, your champions once again are guys that play with championship level effort in execution, Devin Smith graded out 88 percent, two touches for 94 yards. Evan Spencer played very well, blocking downfield. He’s one of the top two or three blockers we’ve ever had at wide receiver. Dontre Wilson graded out at champion, 5-for-5 making plays. He did have a drop, I should say 5-of-6. Eight touches for 90 yards. Our two tight ends played pretty good, Jeff Heuerman and Nick Vannett. And then offensive line Taylor Decker and Darryl Baldwin. Ezekiel Elliott was Player of the Game. Those are our champions.”

Meyer on next Saturday’s game versus Virginia Tech:

Night game, Ohio State style, which was very unique. Our players are excited. Our fans are excited about it. We got a very good opponent, coach I’ve known for a long time. First time I’ve ever played against him. But they are what they are after not really studying we studied a little bit in the summer and offseason. And one of the top-five defenses in America. Really good defensive coach. Offensively last year they struggled, but this year they have a quarterback that’s a transfer that’s thrown the ball very well in the one game.”

Meyer on his offensive line against Navy:

We were very disappointed early in the game. We had some pressure. We wanted to throw the ball earlier and it wasn’t because of J.T. or the wideouts because I thought our guys had made plays and I have a lot of confidence in J.T. We couldn’t have minus yardage plays and it didn’t start off very well. So I think they settled down. Much better, played much better in the second half.”

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