Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo, defensive coordinator Buddy Green talk to media


On Monday, Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo and defensive coordinator Buddy Green answered questions from the media at the Midshipmen’s practice facility. And as you can see with the sailboats in the background, that field is right on the banks of Chesapeake Bay.

Nice view.

It should also be noted that it looks like Navy’s defensive coordinator hasn’t gotten much sleep in the last few days.

Niumatalolo on Ohio State’s defensive line:

I mean, not only are they good as individual players, but they’ve got a great football coach. Larry Johnson is a great football coach, so it’s going to be a tall order for us. You know what I mean. Everything for us start up front. We are going up against one of the greatest defensive lines, if not the best defensive line in the country with probably the best D line coaches in the country. So we better get going, or it’s going to be ugly.”

Niumatalolo on Ohio State’s spreads offense:

You know, there’s all kinds of terms for spread. And different people have different terms for spread offense and different variations. Some guys get in the gun and spread and throw the ball around. I mean these guys can throw the ball around, don’t be confused, but they’ll hit you in the mouth. And that’s Urban Meyer’s mentality. They are going to come off the football. They are going to mash you with the ball. They can obviously throw the ball, too. I mean, they can do all the things they need to, but first and foremost, they are a physical team. You know what I mean. They’ve got a great offensive line coach. So this isn’t one of those teams that, you know, slings 90 bubble screens a day, although they can do it, it’s in their repertoire of doing all that stuff, they are going to hit you in the mouth.”

Niumatalolo on Ohio State’s new quarterback and how will he prepare:

Well, you just got to get ready for the stuff you’ve seen. And again, they have a great coaching staff and they will have this kid ready. They know exactly what they’re trying to get done. They know their package. They know what they’re trying to do beforehand. So they are going to get to a point where they feel comfortable. This isn’t the staff’s first rodeo.”

Green on Ohio State’s offense:

They are one of the best in the country, you know, in all phases. They scored a lot of points against a lot of good defenses last year. They’ve got more speed this year than they had a year ago. They’ve got great size up front. Their offensive line is, just being massive, and just pounded people inside with big yards inside. They can beat you with speed on the outside. They do a great job on the play-action pass scheme and they’ve got the speed to hurt you deep. They are very, very talented at every position and they’ve got a great system for what they do.”

Green on Urban Meyer’s offensive philosophy:

You can see in everything they do is clockwork. They have so many ways to attack you and make you defend the entire field. They can give you a lot of formations. They can go play-action and hurt you with the deep ball at any time. Their tight ends, they use them so well. Not just in the running game, but also in the passing game. The utilization of their quarterback, so many things with their quarterback, they give you a lot of problems. You just can’t circle one thing that we’ve got to stop, this one thing, because they can hurt you in so many ways.”