Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson’s press conference

COACH WILSON: Offensively, we had no one play as poor as we played, not this year, but in several years. We didn’t handle the elements, didn’t handle the road, didn’t handle their defense very well. They played very, very well. But we were off and didn’t run it and didn’t connect in the passing game.

Defensively, now we gave up some big plays and called on some guys to be recognized, Clyde Newton, second game he started as a true freshman, had 14 tackles, then Ralph Green up front was the most productive he’s been. Redshirt freshman. Those guys did pretty well. As a matter of fact, Darius Latham played well. He didn’t get a championship grade for a couple of mental errors. He’s a young guy, still busting, but getting some good play out of the young guys there.

So Clyde, 14 hits in the second start. Two weeks in a row leading tackler in his first two starts. Some things to build on with him. We have to keep building a lot of other guys around him. Special teams, our kick units have been pretty good. Erich Toth was recognized for special teams player of the game. We had two punts inside the 20, two inside the 10. Handled the wind pretty well. Thought he did a nice job. Kenny Mullen, on a couple of our teams really stood out in coverage and effort. Those are special team players.
The young guys, Michael Cooper, the transfer from Arizona and Laray Smith on offense, defensive scouts were Nate Hoff, Garrett Libertowski and Tyler Brady. That was our deal there.

Again, tough game, they played well. Kicking was okay. Again, offense way out of whack. Didn’t handle the elements, the weather, the defense. They played very, very well. Didn’t run it in the games that we’ve been on the wrong end of the ledger, the running game has been missing. The games we’ve played very, very well, we’ve had run game. Then the opposite, we’ve had four victories and played solid run defense. And the six games we’ve lost, our run defense has not shown up at all.

Tough challenge this week with Ohio State, who is very, very good in spread with skill, good line. Basically a two back system. Braxton Miller is a quarterback, but he is a tremendous runner and can beat you with his arm with some great guys with a great challenge for defenses. Defensively a couple teams have given up some points. But just like us last year, we scored some points, but we scored them late. It’s kind of catching up, and kind of skews the score because they’re up 24 points going into the fourth quarter.

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