Yes, New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Michigan coach Brady Hoke are long-lost siblings


Even though I graduated many moons ago from The Ohio State University with a degree in political science, I don’t follow local or national politics, let alone what’s happening in other states and their politicians.

Brady Hoke in college.

Brady Hoke in college.

Long ago I learned that it’s all a racket with two parties acting like children crying over spilled milk.

Regardless of my political apathy, I am finally realizing that New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Michigan head coach Brady Hoke really do look-alike.

I mean, give Hoke better clothes and a comb and the two could be twins.

Earlier this week, Gov. Christie revealed that he had secretly undergone Lap-Band surgery in February to bring his weight under control.

Sounds like that might be a good idea for Hoke before he outweighs his entire offensive line.