From the LOL File: University of Michigan regent Mark Bernstein, “We are not…a circus”

According to a report by The Detroit News, the Board of Regents at the University of Michigan nixed a proposal to have fireworks at two home games for the upcoming season.

Michigan Stadium has done fireworks twice before, but it won't have them this season for football. (Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Michigan Stadium has done fireworks twice before, but it won’t have them this season for football. (Leon Halip/Getty Images)

“We are not Comerica Park, Disney World or a circus,” University of Michigan regent Mark Bernstein said. “I love Michigan football for what it is and for what it is not. It remains and should be an experience, a place that resists the excesses of our culture; intentionally simple. The fireworks should be on the field, not above it.”

Sadly, Wolverine fans won’t see any fireworks, on or about the field this season. In fact, it might not happen until the school makes yet another coaching change. I love had the fact that Bernstein said Michigan wasn’t a circus, even though the football coaching staff has been nothing more than a clown show. Since going 11-2 during his first season at the helm, head coach Brady Hoke is just 15-11 in the last two years while losing both the Outback Bowl and Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl in succession.

Then the article’s comments were even more hilarious:

“That pounding you hear in A2 is Fritz Crisler trying to bust out of his grave to get at the idiots who want to make the Michigan home game football experience even more bizarre than Brady Hoke’s coaching makes it. Good call by the regents.”

“Get a team that creates fireworks by beating the opposition. No need for fireworks, just good football.”

Hurray!! Adults are starting to take control. They need to reign in the marketing and monetization of everything associated with the Michigan Football tradition by Dave “Branding” and his marketing minions. Next step – Cut student ticket prices and let the students sit with their friends, kill off the crappy DJ’ing and let the band play. The Michigan football experience was fine, play some decent opponents, win some games and can the distractions thing will be fine. If I want the artificial experience enhancement crap I can go to a pro game.

“Dave Brandon – wake up. Your customers are trying to tell you something. You’ve given us a mediocre team, and horrendous schedule and grossly inflated prices. Fireworks or your other “wow” factor ideas aren’t going to make up the difference — or fill the 30,000 empty seats that are likely to be there for several games. Brandon’s problem is he thinks his job is to grow the Michigan “brand.” Wrong. The Michigan brand is built. His job is to protect the brand, and he’s failing miserably. I think the regents are starting to wise up, and stand up to his nonsense. Be careful Dave, your new boss didn’t hire you. Hopefully he hears the rumbling from your fan base. We don’t want your marketing crap, your buzz-speak or your wow factor. We want a decent team, we want a decent home schedule with games we can get excited about, and we want reasonable prices and concessions.”

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